Domenic Schröder

Technology is Teamwork

Domenic Schröder did his master in information technology at ETH Zurich. Afterwards he got experience in development and architecture for embedded systems (Linux, WinCE). As he was joining the corporate technology group in the Swedish technology concern Hexagon, he got insight for the solutions and problems in big businesses and could help improve the technology inside the Leica Geosystems AG. He is passionate about technology used according to business needs, but without neglecting the technical details.

The name 'Current' is God-given and for us it means being like a river, always in movement. It is a commitment to keep being able to give answers to current questions.

We support your business to reach the needed technology level.

According to our strategy, we help you give technology the right attention in your business. We support you on the topic of embedded technology to get to the right level, introduce new processes and, through discussions with your employees, to document next steps. To implement changes, we work together with other specialized technology companies or train your employees.

Because of the big changes and new demands on embedded devices, you need to know if the current state is good enough. This usually requires the competency and experience of somebody external. We like the most to work together with people from your business which already have a passion for technology and support them to establish the needed processes. Our approach is always the same: not to make you dependent on us, but to help you make technology part of your business.


Our biggest value is to help you see the whole technology chain.

We would like to meet you and clarify how a collaboration could benefit you. Just leave us a message. We look forward to working together so that technology is not just an annoying necessity but can become a normal part of your quality.
For us technology is teamwork.

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